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This website is the only fanlisting listed at TheFanlistings.org dedicated to Shenmue , which aims to create the biggest listing of all the fans of this fantastic SEGA game.

my love for Shenmue

I think it was the autumn/winter of 2000 that my brother bought Shenmue I (and later Shenmue II) on the SEGA Dreamcast, alongside a very cosy Skies of Arcadia. I instantly fell in love with Shenmue, maybe more so than my brother and sister. I think it was because I was so taken in with how everything in the game was painfully real, from the random weather in changes, to walking down the street and talking to strangers, finding your way around town using maps and road signs, and having to do everything in real time according to your cheesy Timex watch.

I was always taken to another world with the game - a world of patience, virtue, and hot men playing martial arts. I adored the graphics, the voices, the Japanese and Chinese integrated culture. The music, the characters, the blossom trees, mountains; the patterns of change throughout the years illustrated in the game. It was magic to play, a true path of escapism, where you had unique freedom in the character's world, going shopping, visiting houses, working at the factory... mastering martial art techniques beneath a blossom tree. Talking to strangers and learning about the new town around you. I loved it for its psychological and sociological intuitiveness - clearly a game of unmatched credibility and freedom in its time.

I was so upset when the Dreamcast came to its end as a console in 2001 - mostly because I thought everyone would forget about Shenmue and it would be the end of its magical game life! However, there are many fans out there who still pine for a possible Shenmue III as a follow-up to the dramatic ending in Shenmue II...

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