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You are currently viewing the first layout for this fanlisting. It features a collage of different scenes and characters from Shenmue I and II.

Resources for screenshots and patterns/textures:

Images alternate when you rollover (i.e. put your mouse/arrow over) them. Originals and rollovers are as follows (using Wikipedia descriptions):

  1. "About the game" featuring the fathers and ancestors who define the game's passage:
    • Original: The whole basis of the Shenmue story is illustrated with Ryo's (principal protagonist) father, Iwao, peacefully but proudly standing in front of a backdrop of blooming blossom trees.
    • Rollover: Lan Di, the principal antagonist for killing Ryo's father, in a very contrasting background - dark, elusive shadows of lies and murder.
  2. "View & join the fanlisting" featuring the young, passionate men of Shenmue:
    • Original: The principal protagonist, Ryo, in his defense battle position.
    • Rollover: Ren Wu Ying, the charismatic leader of the notorious street gang "The Heavens" who appears in Shenmue II. After initially attempting to wile Ryo, Ren decides to assist him in his quest after discovering that there are large sums of money tied up in the mysterious and ancient Phoenix Mirror.
  3. "Website information", featuring the mysterious women of Shenmue:
    • Original: Ling Shen Hua a mysterious girl who appears in the dreams of Ryo Hazuki in Shenmue I. Shenhua grew up surrounded by nature. Her innocent looks hide her power and courage created by the wilderness of China. In Shenmue II, Ryo is able to meet her in person, and saves her life near the Bailu Village, Guilin. This meeting has been predestined since ancient times and will change Ryo's fate.
    • Rollover: The other principle woman in Shenmue is Nozomi Harasaki - Ryo's childhood friend and love interest. However, they can never pursue a romantic relationship due to Ryo's preoccupation with his vendetta. She is kidnapped by the "Mad Angels" as bait for Ryo, but Ryo quickly comes to her rescue. Later in Shenmue, she leaves Japan for Canada and gives Ryo an emotional goodbye.
  4. "Return to the home page", featuring symbolic pictures of "home":
    • Original: An example of the glorious streets you can walk freely around in Shenmue.
    • Rollover: At the end of Shenmue I, Ryo takes a job on the waterfront in order to learn more about the Mad Angels gang. He eventually defeats the gang so the gang leader reveals how Lan Di has left Japan for Hong Kong. Therefore, Ryo boards this boat away from home and to Hong Kong, in pursuit of Lan Di.

Please visit the site disclaimer page for more details on the use of these Shenmue screenshots in this layout. Otherwise, please do contact me if you have any queries about the layout in general.

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