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Shenmue is the story of a young man named Ryo Hazuki, who is adamant to restore his family's honour by avenging his father's dramatic death by the elusive Lan Di. Ryo's journey concerns learning powerful martial arts, ancient traditions and morals, and spiritual relationships that all correlate beautifully with the modern 1980's world he is in, in order to realise the role his father's death has in his present life. The game is designed so that the player is completely enveloped in Ryo's world - with real-time events, natural weather changes, and flexible abilities to discover the town and people around you with diaries and maps, illustrating a unique gameplaying intuitiveness and interactivity for Shenmue's own time.

Shenmue I is set in Ryo's home town in Japan; he then journeys to Hong Kong in Shenmue II.

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